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Body Ready For Motherhood

Looking to be more physically prepared for birth? Or maybe you've had your baby and not sure where to start postpartum? A body ready session is a holistic approach to assessing the body in its current season based on your individual goals. With a comprehensive assessment and coaching through functional exercises personalized for your needs, these 1 on 1 sessions will support you to feel more connected to your body, move and breathe more optimally, as well as feel confident for what's to come. Schedule a complimentary call with me to learn more!

Why work with me?

Pregnancy is a huge physical feat, yet most are not given the tools they need to appropriately and adequately support their body through this process. I believe an empowered pregnancy should include specific education to support the whole body. Not only can this minimize or even eliminate symptoms and dysfunction that we are often told are “just a normal part of pregnancy,” it also prepares the body for a more efficient birth and a smoother postpartum recovery.

You could benefit from a 1:1 body ready session if...

  • You had a long, exhausting previous birth

  • You experienced a labor stall

  • You're concerned about your core, diastasis recti, pelvic floor function, SPD or SIJ

  • You're planning a VBAC

  • You're experiencing common aches and pains from pregnancy or postpartum

  • You want to be physically prepared for birth but don't know where to start

  • No reason other than you're pregnant or postpartum - it's for everyone!

Session Packages

Session packages

What to Expect

The initial assessment lasts about 75 minutes and prior to the appointment, I will share an intake form to gather more information about your health history, lifestyle, and previous birth experiences. During the assessment, I'll evaluate your body at rest and assess how you move. We'll go through a handful of exercises specific to your needs and then you'll leave the appointment with prescribed exercises that you can do from home each day. 

Here's a sample breakdown of our time together:

  • Follow up questions and conversation

  • Posture, alignment and movement assessment

  • Breathing, mobility, and strength work

  • Debrief and homework review

Each session beyond the initial assessment lasts one hour. We'll start the session with a check-in and then spend the majority of the time breathing and moving based on what your body needs.


Feel you need more guidance around exercise? Subscribe to my prenatal and postnatal online exercise programs! After your assessment, the first month is FREE and $20 per month after that. 

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