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Doula at Home

Birth Doula Services

I offer two packages to support you from conception through postpartum with the opportunity to add on services to meet your needs.

Packages and Add-on Services


All Packages Include:

  • Complimentary virtual discovery call

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support

  • 2 prenatal visits, virtual or in-person

  • Access to my evidence based online prenatal exercise program to help you prepare your body and mind for pregnancy, labor and a smoother postpartum recovery

  • Evidence based advice and resources at your disposal so you can make informed decisions about you and your baby's care

  • Support with birth preferences/birth plan

  • A calm, comforting, and knowledgeable birth companion who will provide virtual and in-person continuous emotional and physical support throughout labor (affirmations, hands-on assists, and other comfort measures to help ease labor sensations and promote restoration)

  • One postpartum visit, virtual or in-person

  • Complimentary phone and email support up to 12 weeks postpartum

  • Guaranteed backup doula coverage

Prenatal Support

Labor and Birth Support


From the time we start working together I'm available by phone and email to support you emotionally, answer your questions, talk through concerns and provide resources. I'll take time to get to know you, your past, your present, and how you're feeling as your baby is growing and your body is changing. I can offer evidence based advice so you can feel confident in your questions and make informed decisions with your care-provider. We'll meet at least twice during pregnancy so we have time together before labor starts. We'll discuss your vision for labor, review birth preferences and discuss different ways to prepare for labor, such as breathing and movement. My goal is to help you stack the cards in your favor to have your ideal birth experience.

Along with my personal experience giving birth to two babies, I'm professionally trained as a birth doula through DONA International. I've had the pleasure of learning from other expert birth professionals and have gained valuable knowledge and hands-on experience since I started my doula education. I'm a certified Body Ready Method Birth Pro, Spinning Babies informed, VBAC certified through VBAC Link and have taken many other continuing education courses and workshops. I will be your emotional and physical support from the time you go into labor until your baby is born. I'm empathetic, focused, calm and have a sense of humor. I can provide hands-on support, while recommending positions and movements to aid in progress and comfort. I can also provide evidence based advice as needed and help navigate or clarify options given by your care provider. I will remain with you and your partner 1-2 hours after birth.

Throughout postpartum it is really important that you feel healthy and cared for. For this, I will check-in with you and your partner periodically after your baby is born to ensure your transition is going smoothly. About 1-2 weeks after birth, we'll meet for our postpartum visit. We can use this time to reflect on your birth experience, I can offer lactation support within my scope as a doula (if you choose to nurse or pump), cover any questions you have, and talk about what to expect in the first few months. This is a delicate time for both you and baby to connect, rest and restore from birth. To support this, I can offer additional resources and referrals as needed.

I'd love to connect and talk through what you're looking for. If either package listed isn't a good fit, I'm happy to put together a personalized plan that fits your needs. Please contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!
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